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How we do it
  • A carefully screened and certified team of 
    Online Support Service Engineers.
  • A set of services crafted to meet all the needs of
    your home, mobile, and small office computer
  • Experience the best support

About Remote Support

Remote Support is a global provider of expert outsourced customer technical support and e-business services. Recently established, it has a team of highly professional engineers and developers, who many years served to major companies of New York City.

In other words: we are techs, not businessmen.

We provide outstanding remote support services for single home users, and small or medium business users globally.

Our Support Plans : The solutions you need for direct, remote support.
    Pay Per Incident
  • Comprehensive Computer Problem Repair.
  • Network Setup and Online Troubleshooting.
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
    Home Consumers
  • Annual Subscription
  • from $129,95 per PC a year, which is less than $2.5 a week.
  • Online PC Support all year long.
    Business Consumers
  • Annual Subscription
  • from $129,95 per PC a year, which is about $2.5 a week. Server support acording customer's needs